Questions for the Veterinarian

The ongoing concern for “CH” parents is that they are afraid to have their special needs pet go for any procedures as they are concerned about anesthesia.

Currently there is NO studies that confirm nor deny the use (or avoidance) or certain anesthetic medications but there are certain medications to be cautious about as their side effects could affect even a non-CH pet! Here is a list of questions below to ask your veterinarian/veterinary staff prior to your pet’s “big day” (feel free to customize this template as you see appropriate!):

[   ] Are you aware of and/or ever cared for a cerebellar hypoplasia patient?

[   ] Do you have any reservations in caring for a CH pet?

[   ] Are pre-anesthetic physical examinations & pre-surgical bloodwork required/completed?

[   ] Can I request that pre-anesthetic bloodwork be completed on my pet PRIOR to surgery/procedure?

[   ] Premedication(s) – What type(s) are utilized?

[   ] Do you intubate anesthetized patients (this ensures that their airways stay open & they receive enough oxygen)?

[   ] Are IV catheters utilized? May I request that an IV catheter is utilized for my pet?

[   ] Do you monitor body functions under anesthesia (HR/RR/BP/ETCO2, SPO2, Temp)?

[   ] Documentation of patient parameters during anesthesia/recovery (anesthesia record)

[   ] Continued patient support & monitoring in recovery (post-anesthesia)?

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