Why “Bifford for President”?

“President Bifford” is proud to announce that we have been accepted as a “partner organization” to the HandiCapable Foundation! We are extremely excited to partner up with this organization that shares the same values and concepts that we do! Please click the logo below to visit the HandiCapable Foundation’s website to learn more!







Bifford has made his “Youtube” debut! Check out this video (the first of many!) on Bifford and be sure to share! 

Click on the video below (to enlarge it!) to see Mosaic “Mo”, a mild “CH” baby catching some major air as she jumps to “capture” a magnet from the fridge! Mo has barely visible signs of “CH” and does not let her “special-ability” slow her down! Go Mo Go! 


Check out Bifford “bee-bop” throughout the house with ease! He may wobble, bob  & crash into things sometimes but this does NOT slow him down nor does it phase him! 

 Bifford for President was created in 2014 as a humorous endeavor, citing Bifford’s popularity and affection for everyone to which each year a new “Bifford for President” magnet was published for friends, families and Bifford enthusiasts alike.

                        In August 2018 it was mapped out by a few special needs pet parent’s to expand the “Bifford for President” platform to become an educational and informative one.

                         Today, “Bifford for President” is a vehicle of information, adoption advocacy as well as an open dialog about the misconceptions of adopting and loving a special need pet and how you can become apart of a very special movement.

What a DIFFERENCE a forever home makes!!