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We are beginning to collect information of veterinarian’s in the United States that have special needs animals, regularly treat special needs animals etc.

We have found that there are still SO many veterinarians & veterinary support staff that know very little about special needs pets (especially cerebellar hypoplasia pets!) and want to construct a map of all of the veterinarian’s that understand and care for special needs pets!

This map will better assist special needs pet parents in “doing their homework” in finding the best veterinarian for them and their family!

Know of a veterinarian? E-mail us at PresidentBifford@gmail.com! Please be sure to include:

  • Veterinarian’s Name & Clinic Name (if applicable)
  • Website/Address (of clinic)
  • What special needs pets they own and/or care for or have an understanding of

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Posted September 23, 2021 by Suzi Langer in category "Awareness", "Did You Know?", "Miscellaneous", "Veterinary Medicine

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