Bifford’s Cabinet Member– Coraline!

Miss. Coraline on the move while hanging with her mom outside!

Meet Coraline! Coraline is a 4 year old domestic long hair from Industry, PA born to a feral mom underneath a porch. Coraline is categorized as a “moderate” cerebellar hypoplasia and living her very best life! Once looking at life outside with her feral mom she was immediately scooped up by Nicole (her forever mom!) and has been the light of her families life and constant source of joy and inspiration ever since! Nicole & Coraline have been (and continue to be) major advocates for cerebellar hypoplasia pets and special needs babies in general and is our Pennsylvania representative on the “Bifford for President” campaign! We LOVE Coraline & Nicole and are thankful to have them as friends and advocates! Want to ask Coraline & Nicole a question? E-Mail us at

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