Specially-Abled Animals Awareness — “Hips”

Specially-Abled animals grace the world in different breeds, colors and abilities ranging from neurological to physical but that does not stunt their ability to love and overcome any endeavors stemming from their special-abilities and one of the biggest adversities that specially-abled animals face are the stigma and myths that encapsulate them.

In speaking with Amber (Hip’s mom) she informs us that Hips was born with a hind-end congenital defect where she she lacks hip sockets (hence her name), knees are displaced, her leg bones are abnormal, her ankles are fused, and she lacks certain ligaments/joints in the hind-end (she was born with this particular defect). Due to this congenital defect Hips typically drags herself around but when she wants to walk she walks on her tip-toes where her legs bow out and she can walk for about 5ft or even longer if she’s running. 

Despite her shortcomings Hips doesn’t let her disability stop her or slow her down! She can climb, climb over certain obstacles and she can get in/out of a box and if she wants on the cat tower she figures out the easiest and most convenient way to achieve that! Whenever she wants on the bed she uses towels and blankets to assist her in her efforts. She has a special litterbox made but she will choose a normal box 98% of the time and uses without any complications. Hips also likes challenges and pushes herself daily and does not let her special-ability slow her down or hinder her ability to play, love, snuggle and just be herself!

Hips suffers early arthritis in her hips and megacolon due to the defect unfortunately and is on medications to help alleviate any arthritis she is feeling but that does not seem to slow her down at all! One of the many things we have learned after adopting Hips is how she communicates with us and lets us know if she is in any pain (stemming from her arthritis). To help further alleviate any discomfort she feels we participate in laser therapy several times a week as well as hydrotherapy every so often as needed.

You can watch Hip’s adventures you can find her on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/hipsspecialneedskitten) or on Instagram (@HIPSSPECIALNEEDS_ANDHERSQUAD)

With all these challenges and road blocks Hips never stops being the happy, sassy, opinionated little girl! She continues to work to show the world that despite Hip’s “shortcomings” she is a happy, healthy, sweet girl that is working to bust the stigma of specially-abled animals! Check out Hip’s and support a fellow specially-abled pet!

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