Ode to Bifford

(c) 04/07/2015

Tiny bundle of fur,

do not allow your quirks to define who you are, for you are far from normal to us-

you are perfect.

The world may look at you differently; they may be confused by your demeanor,believing you are disposable.

They are afraid tiny bundle of fur, fearing the unknown, that of which they do not understand they wish to eliminate.

Sweet handsome ball of fur, know that when I look at you I see so much more,

I see undying companionship and affection,

I peer past your “disability” and deep within the glimmer in your eyes- that you are strong, you are relentless, you are normal by every sense of the definition.

To me, tiny bundle of fur,

you are simply remarkable, you teach lessons of humility, compassion, love, patience and education of an open mind.

For when I look at you tiny bundle of fur,

I do not see someone struggling, one who is in pain,

I do not see something that is a threat to others,

I see so much more,

I see that it is not you sweet bundle of fur that is struggling, it is the world around you.

They refuse to learn about you, they push away the abilities to meet and love you,

for it is not you tiny bundle of fur-

it is everyone else with the “handicap” as their ignorance is their greatest decline,

for the moment I opened my heart and love to you only then did I realize how remarkable you were to me,

for I did not save your life- you saved mine in ways I cannot verbalize.

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