Specially-Abled Animals Awareness Day– Bart

Bart is a typical four year old little boy — he loves to play, snuggle and be all around ornery but he is considered “specially-abled”! Why you may ask? Bart is missing his left eye! As a kitten Bart had a vicious upper respiratory infection that went untreated (while he was a stray kitten) that unfortunately made his left eye rupture and his right eye become ulcerated (he can see but it is limited).

Besides Bart missing his left eye what other remnants stem from his early days of an untreated upper respiratory infection and feline herpesvirus? Nothing. From time to time he will be a “booger monster” and have a few crusties by his nostrils (and sometimes will sneeze) but aside from that he is completely and totally normal! Bart has to have no special accommodations for his “special ability” (other than the common courtesy of not re-arranging the furniture without consulting him first!) Sometimes (rarely) when Bart is rushing and in a hurry to get around he may accidentally run into something (or someone!) but it does not slow him down or hinder his ability to run, play and occasionally be a pest to his brothers!

Bart is apart of the group that is helping to bust down the stigma that surrounds specially-abled animals! We are honoring specially-abled animals on this special and imperative holiday (#Specially-AbledAnimalsDay)! We are stopping the stigma for the specially-abled! Help us by telling YOUR pet’s story of how they are specially-abled!