About Us

We are huge on “K.I.S.S” – keep it simple stupid!

So while we are working to show you how amazing adorable misfit animals are we always strongly urge you to consult with a trusted veterinarian!   

In need of a “misfit” friendly veterinarian or other pet professional? Check out our misfit map here!


We are *NOT* a rescue or organization equipped to take in animals nor do we dispense medical services/advice (other than CALL A VET!) 

               Adopting Bifford I was ill prepared (much like I usually am but hey I am consistent, right?) and had absolutely no clue what his “special ability” truly meant or how it would take us on such an adventurous ride!

              The shelter did not much prepare me for what I was embarking upon other than “he wobbles a bit!” 

              What they didn’t tell me was that it would spark such a revolution for the misfits as well as a loving, empathetic (sometimes poo filled) tornado that would later become our home – full of love and warmth – but for the adorable land of misfits.

          The revolution kicked off when more than once one of our misfits was at the vet, out in public or with our extended family and we were met with hollow sympathy, uneducated statements, and a few times the offer to euthanize them because they were misunderstood (even once being accused to causing our misfits “special ability” because again misunderstood).


           So, then we thought to ourselves not only are all of the adorable animals here “misfits” but my husband and I are also coined “misfits” and we’re huge on rooting for the underdog so it made sense that we would create a cool, fun, informative space for adorable misfit animals of all varieties to come together to show how amazing and resilient our misfits are!

                      So, while we originally started out showing off our cerebellar hypoplasia friends, we are slowly branching out to other handicapable friends such as blind and mobility. Because the more we show the world there is nothing to fear about a misfit the sooner they can open their hearts and minds to realizing they aren’t different at all – they are perfect in their own way.

Are You A Non-Profit (501 (c) 3)? 

No, Not At This Time — but in the near future there are cool things in the works for us so please stay tuned!! 

We currently do not accept donations of any kind. 

How Can We Help The “Campaign”?

Just spread the word about handicapable animals all over the world! Feel free to use our website for reference to show how cool you are!