Meet Zif!

Meet Ziffel!

As a baby kitten he was hit by a car and suffered a broken pelvis and was dropped off at a local Veterinary Clinic to be euthanized 😢 until he fell in love with Linda (his mom)!

Ziff had suffered nerve damage in his one paw which caused him to chew at it! So for 13 years Linda religiously wrapped his paw to keep Zif from gnawing at it!

Zif had a normal, happy life all because Linda gave him the patience and empathy that he needed to thrive.

Special needs pets (and parents!) come in all special qualities but all require the same thing: love and patience!

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Meet Zif (Part II)

The many handsome faces of Ziffel

Many of you have reached out asking for more information about Zif & his momma (many with specific questions) — you asked and shall receive! Linda, Zif’s momma was so kind enough to answer all of your questions about Zif!

Zif had a rough start to his little life … a woman brought him to the clinic where Linda worked at requesting that Zif be euthanized – he was crying in pain from being hit by a car and was left on the side of the road. Radiographs showed he had a broken pelvis which at that point surgically nothing could be done but in order for Zif to heal he would require several weeks of strict cage rest and some T.L.C. In addition to having a broken pelvis he was covered in fleas (most likely leaving him slightly anemic) and was no doubt afraid of what may come next.

Linda immediately connected with Zif. She saw what a kind soul he had as well as infinite love to give to someone special and after Linda and her dedication of going into the clinic on a regular basis to care for him decided that they would embark on this journey together and Linda took him home never for him to worry about where his next meal would come from or who would snuggle him closely.

Zif required his one foot to be bandaged regularly as he would chew on it (this was a result of his broken pelvis, prior injuries) most likely due to nerve damage caused by his hit by car accident and Linda (just like every special needs pet parent) was navigating uncharted territories and bandaging his foot took a level of craft and patience that almost made it into an art form. Linda stated that the “more bandaging material that you used the greater your chances were that it would fall off because it was too thick (Linda stated she would be more than happy to show anyone who wants to/needs to know how to bandage how to do so, just contact us and we will arrange details!).

Linda learned how to bandage Zif’s foot “on-the-job” and researched and found products to utilize in getting the old bandage off. Linda did this for Zif about twice weekly for 13 years.

Zif played and cuddled and got into things like any other normal, curious cat would he just required a few extra points of care, one of those points being the litter box. When he healed from his accident he healed with a “curve” and Linda had to ensure that his bowel movements were soft because if not he would become constipated very easily so Miralax was his best and most regular friend.

For whatever reason Zif would use his “facilities” to urinate but never wanted to have bowel movements in the box regardless of what Linda tried or attempted! Linda did not stray away from the fact that it was “messy but worth it” and that as long as he was “happy and healthy” she handled and adapted to what Zif needed and required.

Zif was on Miralax three times a day mixed into his food in order to keep his “code browns” soft. Since his pelvis was “bent” stemming from his hit-by-car accident it was hard for him to “poop on an angle” according to Linda. “Think of poop going straight out versus around a curve. Without the Miralax he would get super constipated and needed to be sedated in order to have an enema (to clean his stool out) and even with the Miralax he would still need an enema ranging from annually to every couple of years.

Linda echoes the statement best, “I am so glad that we [Zif & I] had each other because he was the best kitty ever. Sometimes easy isn’t always the best. Ziffel wasn’t easy but he was the BEST.”


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