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Cats with Special-Abilities!

Blind Cats: Loss of eyesight can be very gradual (or you adopted a blind kitty) and oftentimes owner’s do not realize how bad a cat’s eyesight has become until it is identified by your veterinarian. Blind kitties can adapt extremely… Continue Reading →

Veterinary Homeopathy

Disclaimer: We have received several messages about homeopathic/holistic veterinary practices/medicine and though we believe there is a purpose and place for homeopathic practices we suggest ALWAYS discussing these methods with your veterinarian prior to diving into the world of holistic… Continue Reading →

Importance of Keeping Cats Indoors

Cat’s don’t have nine life — just the one! Here are nine reasons they’re healthier indoors! Not everyone likes cats; we know you love your special kitty, but not everyone likes cats! Irritated neighbors or community interlopers could pose a… Continue Reading →

Living with a Deaf Cat

When we think of cats with “disabilities” we generally first think of cats with obvious, visible differences. For instance, we may get a mental image of a cat with three legs, or missing an eye, or perhaps a cat who… Continue Reading →

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