“Four-On-The-Floor” Rule!

One of the “rules” that I heard upon adopting Bifford was “four-on-the-floor” and all I could think is “what the he!! does that even mean!?” But it makes sense when handling a cerebellar hypoplasia animal and one of the various ways you can ensure their safety! Cat’s usually have no issues with landing on their […]

“CH” Proofing!

Adopting a new CH baby or a new CH pet parent? Take a deep breath and remember that you “got” this! Remember that JUST like children each pet is different so “proofing” for one family may not be exactly like the next! What do you need to purchase BEFORE your new addition comes home? Food/Water […]

Flea Prevention & CH Pets

Often we are asked about flea prevention and cerebellar hypoplasia and if flea prevention treatments are safe to use on your CH pet and we answer with the same every time — YES, but ALWAYS consult your veterinarian about your concerns and which product is right for your pet! Lots of “CH” pet parents post […]

Join us on Discord!

https://discord.gg/feYgBBA Discord is a chat for the community and friends and we invite you to join us! Feel free to come in, ask questions, and better understand these specially-abled pets!

We Want YOU… to help us!

We are beginning to collect information of veterinarian’s in the United States that have special needs animals, regularly treat special needs animals etc. We have found that there are still SO many veterinarians & veterinary support staff that know very little about special needs pets (especially cerebellar hypoplasia pets!) and want to construct a map […]

Handicapable Foundation

Handicapable Foundation has proudly partnered up with “Bifford for President” to better serve the pet special needs community! Check out their website for more information or check out their brief description below! https://www.handicapablefoundation.org/ Handicapable Foundation provides support for disabled animals, service animals, therapy animals, comfort animals, law enforcement animals, military animals or animals in need […]