Trials & Tribulations of BART

Bart came to my house the late summer/early fall of 2017 from a local veterinary clinic where a friend worked who called me in a panic one afternoon alerting me to “two small sick kittens that were dumped off at the clinic” — a small, yet affectionate calico (we later named Taloola) and a terrified, […]

Meet Zif!

Meet Ziffel! As a baby kitten he was hit by a car and suffered a broken pelvis and was dropped off at a local Veterinary Clinic to be euthanized  until he fell in love with Linda (his mom)! Ziff had suffered nerve damage in his one paw which caused him to chew at it! So for […]

Bifford’s “Dental” Adventure!

Many of you have asked about Bifford’s dental procedure journey and echoed that many of you share the same questions and concerns for your own special babies that I had with Bifford! Let me assure you that by asking the right questions, having a veterinarian/veterinary staff that you know and trust as well as an […]

Meow As Fluff

A HUGE thanks to Caitlin McAuliffe at Meow as Fluff for this beautiful write up and video for Bifford’s cause! You can visit them (also be sure to “like” them on Instagram and Facebook, too!) At or more Bifford specifically at: Meet The Handsome Wobbly Cat Who Was Adopted And Returned Three Times […]

Pet Radio 🐈🐕

A very big THANK YOU to Robert Hudson & Pet Radio Magazine for publishing our Meow as Fluff article on their site!! Be sure to check out Bifford’s article and the site overall at: Pet Radio Magazine 🐾

Dear Maggie,

Saturday. 02/27/2021 10:46am It’s a grey, dreary, rainy, bleak day. The fluorescent lights of the local laundromat sit harsh and heavy on my hazel eyes as I watch the dryer tumble my bedspread over & over, I became entranced by the light hum the dryer was making and the monotony of its assignment at hand. […]

Crunching the Numbers

The Humane Society of the United States has statistics pertaining to animals surrendered or in shelters and they are alarming and concerning: Estimated number of brick-and-mortar animal shelters in the US: 3,500 Estimated number of rescue groups and animal sanctuaries in North America: 10,000 Number of cats and dogs entering shelters each year: 6-8 million […]

The Maxwell Chronicle

The number #1 motto that I live by when speaking about a specially-abled animal and how I “handle it all” (think about it I have a neurologic cat who wobbles/falls into things, an epileptic rat terrier, a cat with one eye and limited vision in the other, a semi-feral cat in the basement and then […]

Specially-Abled Animal Awareness Day– Fleur

Meet Fleur! I am a gorgeous 8 year old dilute calico who was a stray in Virginia and lost my eyes to severe infection (similar to Bart!) as well as have no teeth (which only adds to my adorable, unique ability so “slurp” up wet food!) and I live with my mom (Maddie), and my […]

Cat Writer’s Association

Bifford for President is now officially a professional member of the Cat Writer’s Association! We appreciate the CWA for accepting our application/nomination and seeing the need for our cause!