Meow As Fluff

A HUGE thanks to Caitlin McAuliffe at Meow as Fluff for this beautiful write up and video for Bifford’s cause! You can visit them (also be sure to “like” them on Instagram and Facebook, too!) At or more Bifford specifically at: Meet The Handsome Wobbly Cat Who Was Adopted And Returned Three Times […]

Pet Radio 🐈🐕

A very big THANK YOU to Robert Hudson & Pet Radio Magazine for publishing our Meow as Fluff article on their site!! Be sure to check out Bifford’s article and the site overall at: Pet Radio Magazine 🐾

Life is Mysterious

I would like to believe that I am not so cynical to not believe in signs from above but this one, this one was so blatantly obvious that one could not help but NOT ignore it. I lost my best friend, my light of my life, my “reason” on Monday 01/25/2021 and to say that […]

Dear Maggie,

Saturday. 02/27/2021 10:46am It’s a grey, dreary, rainy, bleak day. The fluorescent lights of the local laundromat sit harsh and heavy on my hazel eyes as I watch the dryer tumble my bedspread over & over, I became entranced by the light hum the dryer was making and the monotony of its assignment at hand. […]

Cat Writer’s Association

Bifford for President is now officially a professional member of the Cat Writer’s Association! We appreciate the CWA for accepting our application/nomination and seeing the need for our cause!

Keep Voting! 🐾💕

Please keep up all of your support and hard work!! Currently Bifford is #8 in the quarter finalists for America’s Favorite Pet! We want to bring awareness to specially-abled babies!!! Please spread the word to get these kiddos recognized!! You must have a Facebook in order to vote and can only vote once daily so […]