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Quiz: I think my cat has Cerebellar Hypoplasia!

DISCLAIMER: We cannot stress this enough that this quiz is NOT to replace an official and professional diagnosis/medical plan from your veterinarian and/or veterinary specialist. This quiz is simply a collection of common questions regularly utilized to help owners and other veterinary/shelter professionals alike exercise “process of elimination” in helping to determine if a cat MAY have cerebellar hypoplasia or potentially needs more diagnostics etc., We cannot be held liable for any illness/injury that may stem from not seeking appropriate veterinary advice/medical care/treatment.


So, you think your cat has Cerebellar Hypoplasia?

Disclaimer:  This is simply a "quiz" to potentially gauge if your pet has CH or not. It does NOT remove a veterinary/specialist diagnosis nor should it replace or equate to a veterinary diagnosis/medical advice etc., WE ALWAYS URGE YOU TO CONTACT YOUR VETERINARIAN! Or visit our online map to find a CH friendly veterinarian in your area! 

Is your cat experiencing any of the following signs/symptoms (please select all that apply & please be aware that even though some of these signs are indicative of cerebellar hypoplasia they could potentially stem from some other illness/injury): 
Has your cat had "CH" signs/symptoms since they were born?
Has your veterinarian/veterinary specialist performed any of the following to help confirm/diagnose or rule out "CH"(please select all that apply): 
Has your veterinarian/veterinary specialist ruled out the following potential illnesses/injuries that may "mimic" cerebellar hypoplasia (please note: that there are a plethora more illnesses/injuries that could potentially mimic signs/symptoms of cerebellar hypoplasia. JUST because your veterinarian ruled out these particular illnesses/injuries does NOT mean that your pet is "CH" and could simply mean they are showing signs/symptoms for another illness/injury):
NOTE: Please only select an illness/diagnosis listed if your veterinarian and/or veterinary specialist have ruled it out as potentials that your pet may have!
Has your pet suffered any physical trauma/head injuries (that you are aware of)? 
Was your cat ever been diagnosed and/or suspected of having Feline Distemper? 
Has your pet been administered any medications that may be making their signs/symptoms more pronounced? 
Do you know about your pet's "mother" ("Queen"): 
Do you know if the "queen" was vaccinated for FVRCP (Feline Distemper)?
Do you know if the queen experienced any malnutrition/trauma while pregnant? 
Does one or more of the babies in the litter have these signs/symptoms?
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