The sole idea of “Handipet Alliance” is to bring awareness and recognition to those animal related businesses/organizations/social organizations that are PRO-handipets! 

Often times handicapable pet parents have found that just because a place is “pet friendly” does not necessarily mean that it is patient and compassionate and “handipet friendly”.

If you are approved for the “Handipet Alliance” you will receive an e-mail from us outlining further instructions. You will then be added to our online, interactive handicapable directory that will include your organizations information and what previously you have experienced with handipets. You will also be sent our “Handipet Ally” logo to proudly display on your profile, website — anywhere where the public can see it! 

We want to make the “Handipet Ally” logo a common image in the animal community as well as “mainstream” the handicapable pets! 

Street Address
This can be either your personal e-mail or it can be your business/organization e-mail!
Please provide the link to your blog/organization/business!
If you answered YES for any reason please explain below. If this question is answered YES but this section is left blank your application will be considered incomplete.
Please make sure to include any pertinent details including how the case/report was handled and how the situation was rectified.
There is NO wrong answers here! Why do you want your group/blog/business/organization/rescue to become a “Handipet Ally”!
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