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Hannah Hannah wrote on June 1, 2022 at 7:08 am
Hello from Hawaii! Thank you for being an inspiration to all misfits! We love you!!
Dawn Dawn wrote on December 29, 2021 at 8:32 pm
Im a mom to Porthos, who is my 3 month old CH kitten. Just placed an order for our free tags & stickers, which we appreciate very much! Now others will know that he's not your typical cat and wont be so caught off guard with his wobblyness.
Admin Reply by: Suzi Langer
Thank you so very much for the love my friend!! We appreciate you so much and with friends like you we will continue to educate and advocate for handicats everywhere!
Amber G Amber G wrote on December 18, 2021 at 1:10 pm
We found President Bifford through Instagram, once we learned what they do for the specially-abled souls we were super happy to have found them! Our specially-abled girl Hips has a hindend congenital defect, she has challenges everyday she battles but she never gives up. We were so happy to receive our Handipet Carrier Tag from Bifford, now whoever Hips has to go everyone will know she has a disability and to question before doing anything with her. We love spreading the wonderful work Bifford does via Facebook and Instagram, we always tell friends about them
Maze Maze from Fredericton wrote on December 18, 2021 at 12:59 pm
Thank you for our carrier tag and for spreading awareness!
Suzanne D Suzanne D from Lanoka Harbor wrote on November 29, 2021 at 3:11 pm
I am a CH mama to Al Capone(Mild - Tuxedo) King Neptune (Moderate - Orange Tabby) and HoneyBear (Moderte Calico)- My first CH kitty was Einstein (Moderate- black) and I adopted him from a rescue in 2000. He was such a loveable guy - I then adopted a senior severe CH'er - FlipFlop in 2005....and then Honeybear in 2008, Al Capone 2008 and Neptune 2011.
Denise O Grady Denise O Grady from Limerick Ireland wrote on October 26, 2021 at 3:09 pm
Was very excited to be part of a group that notices animals with special needs and very happy to receive the tags and my sweet baby Luna a Chihuahua X Jack Russell was very curious about her package and couldn't help give a few sniffs🤗❤️🐾🤔
Raina Raina wrote on October 9, 2021 at 9:23 pm
Floki is an older Maine Coon mix with severe muscle waste from his hip down and a disfigured foot from getting caught in a fox trap while outside with a feral colony. He also suffers from severe IBD as well as food allergies. He was emaciated, chronically ill and loaded with infection when he was found. Yet, in spite of it all, he is the friendliest, most easy-going cat you'd ever meet!
Andrea Andrea from Cleveland wrote on October 9, 2021 at 7:58 pm
My deaf moderate CH kitten is a year old now and one of the most affectionate cats I have ever had. I’m always looking for groups with more information about CH and advocating for these cats.
Christine Allen Christine Allen from Salem wrote on October 9, 2021 at 6:48 pm
Happy Birthday! We love the specially able here at White Diamond Double Merle Dane Rescue ❤️
Jennifer Jennifer from Lebanon, OH wrote on September 27, 2021 at 1:39 pm
I've always had an interest in handicats but didn't realize how in love I would become with one when I adopted. My Grover is a 7 month old with moderate CH and he has changed my world! I've been researching CH and finding suppirt groups and platforms such as this. Thank you, Bifford For President, for our awesome tag and stickers. I look forward for following CH kitty adventures 🙂
Admin Reply by: Suzi Langer
Thank you Grover & Mom for the love & support!! We appreciate you both so very much and look forward to working together in the future to help bring education & understanding to handicats everywhere!
Amber Amber wrote on August 30, 2021 at 4:00 pm
We received our "Ask Me About My Handicat" carrier tag today and we couldn't be more excited to attach it to Hips carrier for whenever she needs to go somewhere. It is so beautifully handmade and will stand out so anyone she is with is aware she has a disability. We love President Bifford and everything you stand for❤


  1. By suzi (Post author) on

    Happy Happy Birthday Bifford! Love my amazing little guy!! 🙂

  2. By Ginger on

    You’re our favorite candidate! Happy birthday! ¡Feliz cumpleaños! 🐾🎉🎁🎊🐟
    Love from Mexico City, Mexico

  3. By Roger W. on

    Thank you for being so educational! I am learning so much that will better help me with my foster kitten, Twisty. I had no idea there was all this information! Thank you again!

  4. By Bonnie Huskins on

    I have just read the Catster article on Bifford. I am such a fan! We just lost a beloved rescue kitty Miles who did not have this condition, but had his own challenges and trust issues, due, I believe, to his earlier life. I miss him dearly and being acquainted with Bifford somehow makes me feel better . Thank you Bifford

    1. By CHMomma (Post author) on


      Thank you so very much for taking the time to leave a comment — and for supporting Bifford’s “campaign”! Miles sounded like such an amazing cat who was so extremely lucky and blessed to have you for a mom! If you e-mail us ( I would love to “show case” Miles (a photo of your handsome Miles and a brief write up) so that others can meet Miles also! We are huge believers in special needs animals — whether it is physical, mental or emotional special needs they all deserve love & recognition! Also, if you send us your mailing address or PO box we would LOVE to send you some “Bifford swag” (stickers, magnets etc). Thanks again Bonnie for all of the love & support!! Bifford sends his love & kissies!

  5. By Geri on

    sure glad to meet you Bifford. You’re my kind of cat. I had a great kitty like you one time until his age took him. the dr. said he had something else but i knew better. Well Bifford as you are beboppin around the house say a little prayer for all the others and say hi to Montecute my little guy up there.

    1. By CHMomma (Post author) on

      Hello Geri! We are sure glad to meet you my friend! 🐾❤️ We will keep you and yours in our prayers and warm thoughts! We’d love to see a picture of Montecute someday! If you email us your mailing address/PO box we’d love to send you a Bifford magnet/sticker! Thank you for your love & support 💝

  6. By cody on

    Saw you featured in CATSTER magazine and was so impressed with your campaign and what you and your family are working so hard to advocate for. Growing up I had special needs animals and was always so hopeful someday we would live in a world that would be willing to learn more about these babies. thank you for all that you do and please do not ever give up!

  7. By Stephanie Fournier on

    Your blog post about deaf cats is the first info I’ve read on that topic. With Fallon being deaf it’s good to know all his behaviors are “normal”. Also, I’ve worried that there could be something else going on that caused his deafness. My vet said he’s fine, it’s good to read it from another cat mom though. Thank you Bifford!

  8. By Alexandra Schneider on

    My Mom filled this out for me, and as much as I hate going in my carrier, I am super excited for some mail of my own. Thank you for my own travel tag!
    -❤ Ember S.

  9. By Julie Billups on

    Sending some special kitty love from our special kitty Diamond and family in Minnesota!

  10. By Jessica Moyers on

    Representing Bifford from Middletown Pennsylvania. 🙂

  11. By Tammy Butler on

    Thank you so much for the carrier’s tag.
    Tammy Butler

  12. By Christina Curtis on

    Thank you for helping to bring more awareness to special animals. Until I foster failed with Charlotte I never knew there were so many pages that offer information and support for fur moms like me.

  13. By Triish Keeton. on

    Thank you for being an advocate for special needs animals. My CH boy is the best. 😻

  14. By Alisha Rogers on

    I would love a pet carrier tag for my CH kitty.

  15. By Sara Hill on

    Thank you so much! Celebrating special needs and life for all animals. Shout out to my 3 special babies ❤️ Misty Sue, Maple and Nilla Bean!!

  16. By Felicia schneck on

    Thank you for telling me so much helpful information on ch babies so I can learn more about serve ch baby little b

    1. By CHMomma (Post author) on

      Felicia, thanks for the love! If you email us we would be happy to send you bifford stickers and an informational packet in the mail! 💕

  17. By Debbie Hopkins on

    Thanks from my severe ch kitty Prayeree and me in Delaware.

    1. By CHMomma (Post author) on

      Thanks for your love and support Debbie!! Kiss Prayeree for us! If you send us your email address well mail you some goodies!!

  18. By Taz Wilson on

    Taz say Howdy from Wyoming. I have severe CH.

    1. By CHMomma (Post author) on

      Thanks for the love Taz!! Email us and we’d love to send you some bifford stickers!!

  19. By Yvette Hill on

    TY for bring attention to the special needs kitties. I have 2 with CH and they are the best.

  20. By Kristin Witt on

    I have 2 CH furbabies. Rusty and Lola. They are brother and sister.

    1. By CHMomma (Post author) on

      That is so so cool! You should nominate them for our new program Biffords Team of Elite! Email us if you’d like more information… If they are picked they will get their own custom made baseball card! 🐾💕

  21. By Rachel Schmidt on

    Thank you for the carrier tag! My sweet baby will proudly sport it on her carrier.

  22. By Nadine Bennett on

    Nadine & Emma love Bifford. Thank you for all you do.

  23. By Kim on

    Thank you for being so educational. I’ve learned so much more about my CH baby.

  24. By Nadine Weller and Lou P on

    Hello Bifford!

    My name is Lou P and I live in Washington state! I have mild/moderate CH and have 2 kitty sisters and 4 kitty brothers. I am excited to get my carrier tags and will be sure to pose for a picture and have my mom email it to you!

    Thank you for representing all of us special needs kitties!!
    Lou P

  25. By Baylee on

    Baylee & Chuccio (Choo-Cho, 5 month old Female with mild CH)
    Rockford, Illinois

  26. By Rebecca and "Chardonnay the Tipsy Kitty" on


    1. By CHMomma (Post author) on

      Send us a picture of Toni and her cool tag!! Well post it on our Facebook!!

  27. By Lisa and Twixie on

    Sending love and support from Harrisburg PA

  28. By Deborah Gordon on

    Hi, I received my tag, thank you!
    So glad to have it.
    I can’t figure out how to upload my picture. Where can I email it.

  29. By Heather Anderson on

    Thank you for all you do!! Love, Heather and Flop – the best CHer EVER (to me anyway😉)💙

    1. By CHMomma (Post author) on

      Hey Heather and Flop!! Thanks for your love and support!! We do this to help families like yours and to help better educate on these amazing babies!! 💕🐾

  30. By Cherie Pierce-wilson on

    Taz says Howdy from Wyoming.
    Taz says, I have CH. Iam severe. I don’t walk but I have a walker. Iam going to be 3 years in April. I live with my mom and dad. I was found in a pig barn. My real mom was a stray and left me behind. My dad found me and now I have a great home. Iam loved and they take really good care of me.
    Love Taz Wilson.

    1. By CHMomma (Post author) on

      Hey Taz and Mom! Sounds like you have the best life ever buddy!! That’s awesome!! Thank goodness you have amazing parents that rescued you and took such great care of you always!! 🐾💕

  31. By Melissa Everet on

    Hello friends! Roly-poly and I are happy to have found Bifford and all the CH community:)

  32. By Navessa Westmoreland on

    Trudy is my American Bulldog with CH, we love you Bifford!

  33. By Christie White on

    This is awesome! Thank you so much❣

  34. By Steph Roberts on

    Steph & Donka sending our love from Cardiff, Wales (UK).

  35. By Deborah Sexton on

    Thank you for spreading the word about special needs animals!

    1. By CHMomma (Post author) on

      It’s so easy to do when they’re so amazing! Thank you for your love and support! 🐾💕

  36. By India Hosch on

    Our Angel loves the tag, especially since it is red!Thank you for advocating for our special needs fur babies!

  37. By Tammy and Nemo Norman on

    You could nominate Nemo Norman for vice president if you have not chosen a running mate. He has severe CH and lives happily in Loudonville Ohio with his mom and dad 6 other kitties and a rescue grackle named Violet!

  38. By Poppy’s mommy on

    Poppy Rose loves her carrier tag, thanks President!

  39. By Kia on

    Hi Bifford, lots of love and purrs from Pennsylvania!

  40. By Wanda Young on

    Pumpkin started out in our foster home having been attacked by something. She healed from these injuries only to have an anesthia reaction during her spay which left her epileptic and blind. A year later and seizure free but still remains blind. We love her and of course just had to adopt this fighter!

  41. By Jean Mullins on

    Love Bifford and all that you do for special needs babies!

  42. By Mary Masters on

    Hello Bifford! Sending lots of love from Spiceland, Indiana! ❤️Sweet Sophie

  43. By Gretchen Clapper, Pa on

    Thank you very much

  44. By Emily (and Georgie the Cat) on

    President Bifford, you are so very wonderful (and so handsome!) 🐾😻🐾 Thank you for helping to educate about special needs pets! You rock! Thank you for offering to spread awareness via the carrier tags as well. What a good cause 🙂 xoxos!!!

  45. By Stacy Salinas on

    Just found this today☺️ Our Jerry Lee is a CH kitty who is also deaf. He has brought so much joy to our family ☺️

  46. By Wendy on

    Thank you for the special carrier tag! Miss Annie will be thrilled to have hers. We appreciate you and all you do for our very special kitties. Love from Miss Annie and her mom, dad and siblings.

  47. By Sugar the CH Silken Windhound on

    Thank you President Bifford for advocating for Cerebellar Hypoplasia animals like me!!

  48. By Shelli Carew on

    Sending much love from us in Cornwall, in the UK

  49. By Laurie Baldock on

    I have an FIV positive warrior and a female who was found frozen under a truck stuck to the muffler.She lost half her ears and tail due to frost bite.

  50. By kristin on

    We Love our CH pup so much. I wouldn’t want him to be any different.

  51. By Roxy on

    Love the posts on Facebook, I’ve now asked to get my special fur baby her vert own tag.

  52. By Valery Fisher on

    Thanks for advocating for special needs animals. The information is appreciated.

  53. By Melissa Hickman on

    I have to CH kitties…along with 9 non-CH cats. I love all my cats so very much but there is such a special place in my heart for Takara & Finn, by two CH-er’s. My kids say hi to Bifford and keep up the great work on making more people aware of CH!

    1. By CHMomma (Post author) on

      Thank you for the love & support, Melissa! We would love to see pictures of ALL your kitties!! If you email us with your mailing address/PO box we would love to send you some Bifford stickers and that!! 🙂

  54. By Susie & Aurora on

    Love Bifford for President! Love Biffords Team of Elites!! Love how this is bringing awareness for CH Kitties! The Kindness & Thoughtfulness in getting us information to learn more about CH!! So Happy to be part of this Awesome Pawsome Group!!

    1. By CHMomma (Post author) on

      We absolutely LOVE you and your elite winner! 🙂 Thank you for ALL that you ladies do to help bring awareness and understanding to CH babies!!

  55. By Michele Roddy on

    My Name is Charm and I was born with a very server spinal deformity with major complications caused by it. My Momma found me on Facebook while I was only 6 weeks old. the rescue there took my brothers but wouldn’t take me because they didn’t think I would be adopted. After making lots and lots of calls mommy found a special person to fly to CA and take me all the way back to FL. I am 4 1/2 years old now and rule the house. If I want it I get it. I want a tag so that when I am out everyone will know who I am. Thank you!!!

  56. By Cindy Noble-Mohn on

    Found you through our Buddy Nilla Bean. We have 2 CHers-one is also blind, with deformed paws.
    We tell people don’t feel sorry for them-they hit the kitty lottery-but we did too, CHers have so much love to give.
    Looking forward to hearing much more about Bifford!! Thank you 💕

    1. By CHMomma (Post author) on

      Thank you so much for showing us some love and support!!! We absolutely love Nilla Bean! If you send us your mailing address we’d love to send you some bifford stickers!!! 💕🐾

  57. By Anonymous on

    Lots of love frommy ch kitten violeta from greece

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