Meow as Fluff – Bart!

A very special THANK YOU to our friends over at Meow as Fluff for showing off another beloved favorite in our adorable house of misfits — Bart! You can check our pal Caitlin and the rest of the Meow as Fluff family by going here. When Suzi Langer’s friend, who was working at a veterinary […]

Meet “Bifford”

About “Bifford” Bifford was born in Chicago, Illinois after his mother was rescued off the streets by a compassionate and patient animal shelter volunteer. Being one of four kittens he was categorized by animal shelter volunteers as “the worst” out of the litter in regards to his cerebellar hypoplasia. When Bifford was a mere 10 […]

Meet Nilla Bean!

Nilla Beam is apart of Bifford’s Elite Team (which was put together by a group of nominated members of the specially-abled community to help further band together and raise awareness & understanding to specially-abled animals everywhere!). Our wonderful friends over at Meow as Fluff wrote this beautiful piece of Nilla Bean that we just HAD […]

Meet Zif!

Meet Ziffel! As a baby kitten he was hit by a car and suffered a broken pelvis and was dropped off at a local Veterinary Clinic to be euthanized  until he fell in love with Linda (his mom)! Ziff had suffered nerve damage in his one paw which caused him to chew at it! So for […]

Bifford’s Cabinet Member– Coraline!

Miss. Coraline on the move while hanging with her mom outside! Meet Coraline! Coraline is a 4 year old domestic long hair from Industry, PA born to a feral mom underneath a porch. Coraline is categorized as a “moderate” cerebellar hypoplasia and living her very best life! Once looking at life outside with her feral […]

Lola the Rescued Cat — Interview

A very special THANK YOU to Lola the Rescued Cat for interviewing Bifford on 05/03/2021 (Specially-Abled Pet Day)! Please be sure to “LIKE” Lola on Facebook and check her website out Hello, and Happy Monday! Did you know that today is Specially Abled Pets Day? This special day is celebrated every year on May […]

Bifford & Catster Magazine

A very special “THANK YOU” to Catster Magazine & Susan Willett for such an amazing and insightful article about Bifford & his efforts! Make sure you pick up your JAN/FEB 2021 edition of Catster today!!

Specially-Abled Animal Awareness Day– Fleur

Meet Fleur! I am a gorgeous 8 year old dilute calico who was a stray in Virginia and lost my eyes to severe infection (similar to Bart!) as well as have no teeth (which only adds to my adorable, unique ability so “slurp” up wet food!) and I live with my mom (Maddie), and my […]

Specially-Abled Animals Awareness — “Hips”

Specially-Abled animals grace the world in different breeds, colors and abilities ranging from neurological to physical but that does not stunt their ability to love and overcome any endeavors stemming from their special-abilities and one of the biggest adversities that specially-abled animals face are the stigma and myths that encapsulate them. In speaking with Amber […]

Specially-Abled Animals Awareness Day– Bart

Bart is a typical four year old little boy — he loves to play, snuggle and be all around ornery but he is considered “specially-abled”! Why you may ask? Bart is missing his left eye! As a kitten Bart had a vicious upper respiratory infection that went untreated (while he was a stray kitten) that […]