Handicapped Pet Foundation — Store!

The Handicapped Pet’s Foundation has an online store and a portion of all proceeds go to benefit handipets and the increasing need for mobility devices for animals! You can check out their store here!

Meow as Fluff – Bart!

A very special THANK YOU to our friends over at Meow as Fluff for showing off another beloved favorite in our adorable house of misfits — Bart! You can check our pal Caitlin and the rest of the Meow as Fluff family by going here. When Suzi Langer’s friend, who was working at a veterinary […]

Meet “Bifford”

About “Bifford” Bifford was born in Chicago, Illinois after his mother was rescued off the streets by a compassionate and patient animal shelter volunteer. Being one of four kittens he was categorized by animal shelter volunteers as “the worst” out of the litter in regards to his cerebellar hypoplasia. When Bifford was a mere 10 […]

Meet Nilla Bean!

Nilla Beam is apart of Bifford’s Elite Team (which was put together by a group of nominated members of the specially-abled community to help further band together and raise awareness & understanding to specially-abled animals everywhere!). Our wonderful friends over at Meow as Fluff wrote this beautiful piece of Nilla Bean that we just HAD […]

We Want YOU!

Have a special needs animal you want to tell the world about? Have a blog/website/organization pertaining to special needs animals? We want to talk to you! Each month we would like to interview/show case a special needs animal/organization/blog! We cannot fight this good fight alone and we need YOUR HELP! Email us today at Suzi@presidentbifford.com

Join us on Discord!

https://discord.gg/feYgBBA Discord is a chat for the community and friends and we invite you to join us! Feel free to come in, ask questions, and better understand these specially-abled pets!

Lola the Rescued Cat — Interview

A very special THANK YOU to Lola the Rescued Cat for interviewing Bifford on 05/03/2021 (Specially-Abled Pet Day)! Please be sure to “LIKE” Lola on Facebook and check her website out http://www.lolatherescuedcat.com Hello, and Happy Monday! Did you know that today is Specially Abled Pets Day? This special day is celebrated every year on May […]

Ode to Bifford

(c) 04/07/2015 Tiny bundle of fur, do not allow your quirks to define who you are, for you are far from normal to us- you are perfect. The world may look at you differently; they may be confused by your demeanor,believing you are disposable. They are afraid tiny bundle of fur, fearing the unknown, that […]

Pet Radio 🐈🐕

A very big THANK YOU to Robert Hudson & Pet Radio Magazine for publishing our Meow as Fluff article on their site!! Be sure to check out Bifford’s article and the site overall at: Pet Radio Magazine 🐾