ASA Status

Scoring System This is where ASA classification can help. An ASA risk is a 1-to-5 score adapted for animals from human medicine’s American Society of Anesthesiologists. The system is based on the patient’s overall health, not the procedure being performed. The ASA scoring system is NOT an assessment of total perianesthetic or perioperative risk, since […]

Common Veterinary Anesthetic Medications Chart

DISCLAIMER: These are COMMON medications/adverse reactions to veterinary anesthetic medications, just like humans, pets also can have a variety of symptoms/reactions that are not listed or documented. If you have any questions or concerns always speak to your veterinarian about the kinds of medications utilized and the potential side effects that may occur. Anesthetic/Analgesic Drug […]

Dr. Cary Craig – Weighing in on CH & Anesthesia!

Cary CraigHealth Science Associate Clinical ProfessorSurgical & Radiological Sciences UC Davis Veterinary School PART 1      There are no medical contraindications to any anesthetic technique in CH. However, I think there are considerations, particularly with respect to recovery from general anesthesia. My preference would be to use short acting or reversible techniques. Inhalant anesthetics such […]

Eight Common Myths about Surgery & Cats

Dr. Phil Zeltzman, brought to you by IDEXX & Pet Health Network There are many urban legends surrounding surgery and cats. Here I take a rational look at 8 stubborn myths I encounter regularly. 1. Myth: “My cat is too old for anesthesia”You should think twice when your friend or the internet tells you that your cat is […]

What are the most common household toxins to pets?

Content Courtesy of AVMA; As a pet owner, you want to keep your furry friend safe and healthy, but your pet’s curious nature sometimes can get him into trouble. Animals investigate the world with their mouths and they can ingest poisonous substances accidentally. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) Animal Poison Control Center is open 24 […]

Pre-Anesthetic Blood Testing & Your Pet

Though this is geared towards pre-anesthetic testing and your dog it can be applicable to cats as well! Always speak to your veterinarian about pre-surgical testing and other diagnostics beneficial to your pet!

Bloodwork & Your Cat

Bloodwork is recommended yearly to monitor for any changes/potential concerns as well as prior to any surgeries or procedures requiring anesthesia! Talk to your veterinarian about having bloodwork completed on your pet or if you have any questions about having bloodwork ran on your pet! GLUCOSE is a blood sugar.  Elevated levels can indicate diabetes mellitus, […]

Questions for the Veterinarian

The ongoing concern for “CH” parents is that they are afraid to have their special needs pet go for any procedures as they are concerned about anesthesia. Currently there is NO studies that confirm nor deny the use (or avoidance) or certain anesthetic medications but there are certain medications to be cautious about as their […]