Nilla Bean, CH Pet, Illinois

In honor of Nilla Bean who sadly passed away the summer of 2021 who played a very monumental role in helping educate & advocate for specially-abled animals everywhere! Nilla’s mom Sara wanted to continue to spread the word on amazing babies like Nilla Bean so Bifford & Nilla Bean have teamed up! Bifford & Nilla joined forces to continue to educate and advocate for special babies like Bifford, Nilla and so many other animals all over the world!

Sara has joined the “campaign” here and will be contributing information, advice, memories and more here! Nilla Bean (and Sara!) have also been appointed the Captain of Bifford’s Team of Elite in which Sara will be running how the Elite team reaches the masses and the impact the Elite team has on education & advocacy efforts!

Please learn more about Nilla Bean by liking her on Facebook & Instagram as well as continue to check back here for posts, pictures & more that Sara will contribute to the “cause”! Below is a beautiful video by our dear & lovely friends over at Meow as Fluff (Cat McAuliffe – click on the link to read the article also!) on Nilla Bean:

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