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Runs "Bifford for President" a platform for the education & advocacy of special needs animals. Wife of Michael (Married 08/2018) and "momma" of Bifford (cerebellar hypoplasia), Maggie Mae (pug, deaf, transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder), Roscoe (rat terrier, epileptic, cancer of the spleen), Bart (DSH, partially blind), Bessie (DSH), & Lucy-Fur (calico, saucy and independent). I enjoy reading, learning, spending time with my "kids" and relaxing!

Wellness Testing for Cats

What is wellness testing? Wellness testing is a program of check-ups and blood tests designed to detect early or hidden disease in pets that appear to be healthy. Why should I do wellness testing? Cats are very good at masking illness,… Continue Reading →

Ear Canal Tumors

What are tumors of the ear canal? Tumors of the ear canal are abnormal growths that can develop from any part of the ear canal (the skin, the glands of the skin that produce earwax and oil, and the underlying… Continue Reading →

Ataxia in Cats

My cat suddenly became unsteady on her feet, almost as though she was drunk. She was diagnosed with something called ataxia. What is that? The word ataxia incoordination within the nervous system. The abnormal movement can occur in the legs, the head, the… Continue Reading →

Vestibular Disease in Cats

What is vestibular disease in cats? Vestibular disease is a condition in which a cat suddenly develops incoordination, falling or circling to one side, involuntary darting of the eyes back and forth (called nystagmus), a head tilt, and often nausea… Continue Reading →

Cats with Special-Abilities!

Blind Cats: Loss of eyesight can be very gradual (or you adopted a blind kitty) and oftentimes owner’s do not realize how bad a cat’s eyesight has become until it is identified by your veterinarian. Blind kitties can adapt extremely… Continue Reading →

Flower Essences

Note: PLEASE please never begin a holistic treatment, supplement or medication WITHOUT speaking to your veterinarian beforehand! Natural remedies can be dangerous so it is always wise to consult your veterinarian prior! Flower essences are extracts from various types of flowers… Continue Reading →

Veterinary Homeopathy

Disclaimer: We have received several messages about homeopathic/holistic veterinary practices/medicine and though we believe there is a purpose and place for homeopathic practices we suggest ALWAYS discussing these methods with your veterinarian prior to diving into the world of holistic… Continue Reading →

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