Bifford for President

Congratulations to our 2021 “Bifford’s Team of Elite” Winners! These amazing specially-abled babies are pillars within the specially-abled animal community and are working with Bifford’s Campaign to help further educate on cerebellar hypoplasia and specially-abled animals as a whole! Be sure to check their social media outlets out (if they have a Facebook or Instagram you will see those icons located next to their names)!

DISCLAIMER: “President Bifford” or its affiliates do not own the rights/licenses to the audio in the video “Meet President Bifford:”. Though we are serious about our “campaign” to educate & advocate for special needs animals, the platform that we are using (a “presidential/political” vibe) is strictly used in good fun and should not be taken seriously as a political candidate and/or object of political debate. This is all in good fun to help educate about special needs animals!