Adoptable: Lilly


Cat Crew, Cedars, PA PO Box 33 Cedars, PA 19423

Meet Lilly

Lilly is in search of a very special foster or adoptive home!

This unique little lady, who is about six months old, was trapped at a feral cat colony in April 2019. When we realized that she shows signs of cerebellar hypoplasia (CH), which is a neurological condition also known as “Wobbly Cat Syndrome,” we knew that we couldn’t return her to her colony because her wobbliness means she cannot lead a safe life outdoors. She appears to have a fairly mild form of CH, as she wobbles when she walks and loses her balance at times but always gets her pee into the litter box and is always able to eat on her own. She is not bothered by her condition and doesn’t know that she is any different from non-CH cats! 

Lilly is still learning that humans are not scary, which is why she needs a special home willing to continue to work to gain her trust. We have discovered that the biggest way to earn her trust is through PLAY! She absolutely loves wand toys and will happily talk to you while she plays with you. And, if you are not sure you’re ready to adopt her but she has touched your heart, we would be absolutely thrilled to move her to a foster home that has more time to work with her, as her current foster has many other foster cats that also need time and attention.

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